Your Hearing Aids: An Adjustment Period

Posted on: 1 September 2017


Going through life noticing that your hearing is fading can be a source of sadness and discomfort. However, discovering that your hearing could improve with the help of small electronic devices can be hopeful, exciting news. What you may be unprepared for is the adjustment period you're likely to need because you haven't ever used hearing aids in the past. This period can pass more comfortably with these suggestions.

Stay Home

Because you're eager and excited to hear your family's voices or friends' voices more clearly, you might have scheduled outings and visits as soon as you put the aids inside your ears. However, these outings might be more overwhelming for you than you realize. That's because the devices amplify all sound; you could have forgotten how to properly process and separate the sounds you hear. 

To adjust, it can be much easier to stay at home and listen to less sound at first. Outside traffic, music and the sound of your own voice can slowly acclimate you to the new way you're hearing.

Ask for Help

Volume settings are helpful, but you're likely to need some assistance when determining how to know what level the devices should be set to. Ask friends or relatives to help out by giving you some idea of what "normal" ranges are on the radio or TV.

Learn Device Care

Other than removing the pieces and putting them in a case, you might not think much of device maintenance or care. However, ignoring those issues can lead to improper functioning and premature failure if you're not careful. Wipe down the aids with a soft, clean cloth to prevent earwax buildup, and keep the devices dry by keeping them away from the bathroom when you shower and purchasing device sleeves that you can wear when exercising.

Keep Them In

It may seem somewhat silly to suggest that you keep the devices in your ears, but if you find the hearing aids bulky or uncomfortable at first, you might eagerly remove them often. Remember that when your aids aren't in your ears, not only is your hearing more impaired, but you're making the adjustment period last longer. Keep the devices inside your ears as long as you can.

Hearing aids open up a world to you that you may have thought was gone forever. Adjust to new devices by using the guidance above and discuss your progress with an ENT specialist or audiologist along the way. Visit a site like for more help.